Soapstone Nova Scotia

Available tools and chisels

Soapstone is easier to carve than marble or granite.

When carving stone you need to choose chisels and tools that are appropriate for the density of the stone you are trying to carve. We specialize in tools for soft stone carving like alabaster, limestone, marble, soapstone, and sandstone.

The three basic types of chisels remain the same: a point for roughing out the stone, tooth chisels (also called claw tools) for shaping and modeling the forms and flat chisels for the finished surfaces and details. Within each class there are endless variations; for example gouges, bull-noses and miter tools are all variations on the flat chisel.

Most carvers still prefer the old hand-forged chisels, and keep a wooden mallet close at hand. The basic concepts of carved stonework haven't changed much in thousands of years, even as the tools have slowly evolved.

All stone steel chisels are made of the finest steel, tempered for use on soapstone, alabaster, and marble carving stones. Approximate tool length 220 mm.

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